WMO and PGB (Personal budget)

What is a PGB? A personal budget (PGB) is an amount of money with which people with or without disabilities can purchase their own care. With the Social Support Act (WMO) people who need guidance and support, such as domestic help, daytime activities or certain facilities and aids can be reimbursed.

You may be able to take advantage of these schemes. What to do: First make an appointment for a test ride on the desired 4Wieler so that you can be sure that this is the bike that is best suited for you. Then you request a quote for the 4Wieler with all the options you need. Please note: you may have to pay for certain options considered unnecessary by the Municipality yourself. You can ask your doctor or therapist for a statement to substantiate your application. Then make an appointment at the WMO counter of your Municipality. You may bring someone with you who can help you with your application. Please note: the 4Wieler is not included in the regular offer of the WMO. You will therefore have to provide as many arguments as possible to support your application with the quotation, the statement from your practitioner and any help that is included. It may come easy, but be prepared to be tenacious and persuasive. You do not want a scooter or tricycle, but you have thoroughly oriented yourself and made a choice for the 4Wieler. This is also quickly available and you have already completed most of the process by taking the test drive yourself and requesting the quote. The Municipality probably does not know 4Wieler, but they can contact us to conclude a contract for your application. For the Municipality there are only advantages: we give a discount so that the costs are lower. We will take the bike back after the contract period at a price to be determined at that time. The result: lower costs. And we do business directly without a third party in between, which also makes a difference. We also offer maintenance in the contract for 1-5 years. This is all stated in the quotation and makes it even easier for the Municipality. If the Municipality has given the order for the purchase of the 4Wieler to 4Wieler.nl, we will make arrangements with you about the delivery. The bicycle remains the property of the Municipality for the duration of the contract. You have obtained the right of use for the agreed period. And you can contact 4Wieler if there are any questions or problems with the bicycle.

You can also request a PGB with the quote. It will be assessed whether you are eligible and based on the quotation it is determined which amount can be made available as a PGB. It may be that certain things are not considered necessary, if you do want them you will have to pay for them yourself. When everything is in place, you will be given the budget and you must order the bike from 4Wieler and pay according to the agreed conditions. You are then the owner of the bicycle. If after that there is something wrong with the bicycle, you should contact 4Wieler and take care of it yourself. You don’t have to shy away from that, because a 4Wieler is, after all, just a bicycle with bicycle parts that every bicycle mechanic is familiar with. Adjusting gears or chains, repairing cables and tires: all things that you can have someone in your area or else certainly do by your local bicycle mechanic. You should only contact 4Wieler if there is something wrong with the construction of the frame. Fortunately, they are such robust bicycles that that hardly happens.

Do you have questions? Fill in the contact form, call 4Wieler on 088 444 00 00 or send an email to info@4wieler.nl.

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