The price of a 4Wieler

A robust 4-wheeler is not cheap. The price is comparable to other similar bikes. In this calculation example we use the purchase price of € 7,262.41 including VAT with the deduction of a discount when paying 100% in advance.

We realize that this is a significant investment. It is therefore important to find out what the bicycle will cost you per year, per month or even per trip, including all costs.

In the calculation example, we have assumed use during 5 years, a purchase price of € 7,262.41 including VAT and residual value after 5 years of € 2,500, making the amount to be depreciated € 4,762.41 over 5 years. This amounts to a total of € 952.48 per year.

Depreciation per year € 952,48
Insurance per year € 250,00
Maintenance per year € 600,00
Interest per year € 50,00
Total costs per year € 1.852,48
Cost per month € 154,37

If you use the bicycle 15 times a month, it will cost you € 10.29 per use. If the period of use is 10 years and the residual value is € 1,000, the costs per month will drop to € 127.19!

What customers say

"The stable 4Wieler is the solution for me"

“The clear folder has been thoroughly researched. Mr. de Bruin can't wait for the custom made 4Wieler to be delivered. "I am still reasonably healthy, but there is always wind and my balance is deteriorating. There are narrow polder roads with larger vehicles than before. I no longer feel comfortable with this. The stable 4Wieler is the solution for me. different, but it comes almost naturally, I really advise everyone to transfer early if you are afraid of falling. ”

Aad de Bruin - Medemblik

"I can't fall anymore and I'm very happy about that"

Recently Mrs Rovers (93) can be seen cycling again in Uden. A miracle, written off by everything and everyone because of her back and rheumatism, you can watch her 'rush' by on a duo bike, enjoying and chatting. "I really am there, just write it in large letters, very happy about that. The movement, the stability, the ease and the ultimate feeling that the fear of falling has disappeared. I am very surprised that I have not yet found another four-wheelers pass by."

Marietje Rovers - Uden

"A safe bike ride to Utrecht is possible again"

Until recently, Mrs. Willemsen with a spinal cord injury could no longer experience the environment moving. "I want to cycle for the rest of my life. Talking will come naturally. I have to and want to keep moving. Sitting still is not for me. The fear of falling in a tricycle remained. It didn't feel completely stable. That's why I "I kept looking for something that is more stable. And then luckily I ended up at 4Wieler in Leiden. A safe and familiar bike ride to Utrecht is possible again. I'm feeling the weather and it's no longer a problem."

L. W. Willemsen - Driebergen