4Wieler to the fair

4Wieler can be seen outside the door more often! Our agenda gives you insight into the places where we can be seen (soon). Don’t feel like waiting? You can also simply make an appointment in our Innovation and Expertise Center in Leiden. A test drive is always without obligation. We charge a fee for a test drive at a location of your choice. Make your appointment here.

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World Of Emobility

From Thursday November 18 to Saturday November 20, 4Wieler was on display at World Of Emobility in Hoofddorp. At this fair you can talk to experts about the latest trends and developments in the field of eMobility.

WMO and PGB (Personal budget)

WMO and PGB (Personal budget) What is a PGB? A personal budget (PGB) is an amount of money with which people with or without disabilities can purchase their own care. With the Social Support Act (WMO) people who need guidance and support, such as domestic help,...

Looking for a nice gift?

Looking for a nice gift? Looking for a nice gift? Then give a gift voucher from 4Wieler for a day out with a Solo or Duo bike (with pedal support and basket or crate at the front). You now pay for the voucher and we will send you the voucher in a nice gift box. The...